Don’t just take our word for it.

Amy, McClean, VA

“You cannot beat the quality for the price. Debbie Lee is amazing! I love how quick she is, and so cost effective for a beginning quilter. And what a beautiful product! She also follows any, and all, directions you include so that when you get your project back it is exactly how you dreamed it should be. Usually better.”

Diana, Reno, NV

“I’m a beginning quilter, so when I sent my first quilt to Debbie Lee I wasn’t sure what to expect. When it came in the mail I was totally amazed by the beautiful details in her handiwork. It is truly a work of art.”

Danika, Boston, MA

“Debbie Lee is an artistic visionary. She always makes my quilts look much more beautiful than I could have imagined. Her work helped me to win 2nd place in my guild’s annual competition.

While people in the quilting world are generally congenial, Debbie Lee is an absolute delight to work with! She is just as excited about my projects as I am. After just a couple of quilts I felt like we were dear friends.

I’ve used a number of different long-arm quilters to finish my projects and Debbie Lee is the only one who seemed to take extra time to make it special rather than just completing it.

Getting a quilt back from Debbie Lee is like getting a whole new quilt back.”

Mish, American Fork, UT

“A few years ago, a friend of mine came to town and helped me to partially restore my favorite childhood quilt. I had loved it to pieces when I was little and had wanted to mend it for over 20 years. She helped me purchase some replacement fabric and she also re-stitched all the individual pieces. I assumed that it just needed to have the binding put in place and it would be finished.

When my friend finished [cutting and preparing] the binding, she secretly sent the quilt to Debbie for some decorative quilting to take place.

One bright spring morning, an ordinary looking package arrived at my door. As I opened the package, I saw the most beautiful quilting I had ever seen! I could hardly believe that I was looking at MY quilt! The machine quilting that Debbie did completely changed it from looking old and ordinary to looking amazing and exquisite. There were intricate swirls and patterns sewn in every place that I looked.

As a graduate from a university in the field of design, I could see how she used design principles and proportion to enhance the existing design. I could not have been more thrilled with the completed project. I used to love my quilt because of its softness, but now I love it for its beauty as well. This little quilt is again treasured in my life because of the natural talent of Debbie Lee.”

Whitney, Provo, UT

“Awww, Debbie Lee. She is such a good egg! I’m not a long-time professional quilter, so of course I’ve made some pretty dumb mistakes with my first quilts – like not prewashing cheap fabric, and tying it… every 10″. After the first tumble through the wash, it wasn’t a quilt – it was a rag! A very sad, very rumpled, rag. My mom didn’t want me to lose the spirit of quilting over a failed first attempt, so she sent it to Debbie with a short note to just, “Fix it. Please.”

Debbie used her quilting expertise to mold and shape the distorted quilt with a design that brought the quilt back into looking like a wonderful …quilt! She tucked in the loose fabric, and make it all come out unbelievably restored. She made it bed worthy, and I can show it off now instead of shoving it to the bottom of a trunk. Far from being an embarrassing rag, it is one of my pride and joys. Debbie rocks!”

Reagan, Draper, UT

“Debbie Lee is wonderful to work with. She helped turn my quilts into beautiful masterpieces that I will treasure forever. She takes great care with each quilt and pays attention to detail. She is highly skillful and professional, yet she also seems to treat each quilt with the same amount of love as the creator of the quilt. I wouldn’t trust anyone else with my quilts. In Debbie Lee I have found a trusted friend and artist, and I would recommend her a thousand times over!”

Midge, Iowa City, IA

“I love to send my quilts to Debbie Lee because she’s willing to put her personality into them and does not just do landscape quilting or stippling unless I specifically ask for it. I remember one quilt of “tessellating stars” that I worked on, but in the end somehow “just missed” looking right. Despite adding colors and borders, I still wasn’t very fond of it.

I sent it off to Debbie Lee with the instructions, “Please make me like this again” and she did. She incorporated whirligig images that just made the quilt look amazing. Now THAT is talent!

Another time, my youngest daughter did her first quilt when she was 14, and she used it every day until she left for college. I wanted to surprise her with a restored quilt, because it was in poor repair. I bought new backing and repaired the stitching on several blocks, which got it somewhat out of square. Debbie Lee’s genius saved the restoration. She did heavy quilting on the larger blocks, and lighter echoing quilting on the repaired ones. She pulled it into square, and even attached the binding. It looks amazing!

Carol, Omaha, NE

I received the quilt yesterday, in excellent shape. Couldn’t believe my eyes as I unfolded it and saw your awesome work, Debbie!! Talk about talent! Every time I look at it, I discover something new. I love the way you individually outlined each dinosaur and made them “pop” off the fabric, plus the wavy lines of stitching undulating across the mountains, hills and desert along with the beautiful striations and texture added to the volcano and the ash rising out of it, the outlining of the trees and rocks – the list goes on and on! There are so many touches of detail, too: the woodgrain in the log, the rocks along the shore, the piles of rocks (eggs?) added to the quilting between the dinosaurs, the intricate leaves and ferns. (I’m probably forgetting something, because, as I said, I keep discovering more!!!) The variation of patterns you chose for the sky, sand and water (LOVE the waves!) as well as the borders (especially the dinosaur border!) are further evidence of your artistic flair.

While I appreciate your complimenting me on my quilting talent, Debbie, I can honestly say that your embellishments of the quilt have turned it into a masterpiece! I couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome, and I will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a truly gifted quilter. I plan to write immediately to my former college roommate who referred me to you and thank her profusely for giving me your name!

I will mail your check today, Debbie – worth EVERY cent! I hope you enjoyed working on this quilt and that it wasn’t too much of a chore for you. I’m sure it was, if nothing else, a deviation from your usual quilting jobs. 🙂

Bless you and your family, and keep up the beautiful work!”

Lisa, Sandy, UT

“Debbie has done the quilting on every quilt I have made. After the hours and hours of work and emotion put into making a quilt, I wouldn’t trust mine to anyone else! She makes it so easy. I tell her a little history on the quilt (i.e. who it is for, the fabric, why I chose the pattern, etc) and she returns it back to me better than I could have EVER imagined it! I know she takes everything into consideration when she quilts it, and doesn’t just do her work on a whim. She puts thought, time, and love into it. Thanks for all you do, Debbie! You are fabulous!”

Katrina, Alpine, UT

“Debbie Lee is an amazing artist, and I’m so glad we discovered each other over the miles. It is a bit nerve-wracking to invest so much time on a quilt, & then just drop it in the mail to an address on a card from my quilt guild. Someone in my hometown highly recommended this long-arm quilter in Idaho, and with faith and trust and only a fond hope that it would return again – I sent off my baby quilt. But dozens of quilts later I am so glad that I made that first leap of faith!

Debbie has followed me through 10 or more moves, and through about just as many states. With each new state and quilt guild, I’ve seen the work of other long-arm quilters who charge exorbitant prices for simple, overall patterned, quilts. Worse are ones with inappropriate – or mismatched – themes and disproportionate designs on otherwise beautiful quilts.

I’ve become increasingly grateful for *my* quilter’s abilities and style. I did not ask Debbie to outline every brick in the house quilt I sent, but she thought the quilt could use it. In another quilt for my son, I simply asked, “Please put $85 + thread in costs towards this quilt.” Its hard to explain about how half the quilt was grass, and what she did, but it is intricate, amazing and time consuming. I swear she undercharged.

And the more you look, the more details you find. She put my newborn son’s name in cloud form in the sky. Like a puffy cloud. I mean. The details. The details! She has a keen eye, an artist’s flair and I am shocked to know that she does it AND juggles a family of 10 people. Everything about Debbie Lee is not what you would expect. I don’t know how she does it. I’m just so grateful that she does!”

Gail Hankel, PA

I found Debbie’s name and address at a quilt show in Pennsylvania about 11 years ago. A friend and I were very disappointed in some work (from another quilter) we had done near us. It is very disappointing to work on something and then not have it come out the way it was suppose to look. After handing it over to the person who was to make it beautiful by finishing it, the quilt in question ended up very average. I have mailed my quilts to Debbie ever since and never been disappointed. She does gorgeous work and now I just tell her to “Work Your Magic”. I have never been disappointed!

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